At Centerpartiet I worked in-house developing and building content with consistent branding across all communication materials including large format, posters, adverts, events collateral, infographics, website and magazines. I also produced campaign and social media assets, creating artwork, photography and producing videos. ​​​​​​​
During the local election campaigns in 2022 and 2018, I was responsible for the strategy, design and execution of the visual communication. 

In this special edition of Sundbybergsbladet, the party focuses about the most important issues for the Centerpartiet in Sundbyberg ahead the election on September 11th. There were also articles about Sundbyberg's urban development, the history of the city and the vision for the Milo area as well as a proposal to celebrate the city's 100th anniversary in 2027. The readers were also taken on a cultural-historical walk through Sundbyberg.

Quarterly basis, all inhabitants receive at home a copy of Sundbybergsbladet, the local magazine of Centerpartiet focusing on urban planning and politics for the municipality. The magazine redesign was based on the new graphic profile presented by Centerpartiet in the summer 2021. 

The peculiarity of this publication design is its functionality: a folded A4 which becomes an A2 infographic poster when unfolded. The aim was to create an attractive and clean layout to highlight the ideas, values and vision of Centerpartiet for Sundbyberg. 

In 2021, Centerpartiet reinforced its vision of building the future of Sundbyberg together with all the inhabitants living there. That is why we created the campaign "Your voice makes Sundbyberg even better" (Din röst gör Sundbyberg ännu bättre). With ads on street, on their own newspaper Sundbybergsbladet sent to all households as well as advertising through social media, Centerpartiet invited the inhabitants to participate sending their priorities and suggestions to make the municipality a better place.

In 2017 I designed a new local logo for Centerpartiet in Sundbyberg with a versatile and appealing look, and which felt different from what political parties used locally. It was a good opportunity to strengthen Centerpartiet's visual communication including social media, posters, newspapers, among others. The colour palette was based on the colours the organisation was using nationally, but merged into a gradient.

To support the typographic icon SBG (as abbreviation for Sundbyberg) "Sundbyberg even better" was introduced as slogan. The purpose was to convey a future vision with a positive feeling, highlighting Centerpartiet's continuous work to make the city greener, more open and pleasant for everyone.
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