During my time at Les Enfants Terribles in London, I was supporting the Marketing and Education teams in the development of artwork and graphic assets mainly for the digital channels, for the promotion of Les Enfants Terribles' shows, awards and theatre workshops.

The company is dedicated to creating original and evocative theatre. Known for a striking visual aesthetic and innovative use of puppetry, props and live music, they are constantly exploring fresh ways to tell stories and immerse audiences in weird and wonderful new worlds.

The Curiosity Index


Design proposal for partnerships' page

The House with Chicken Legs

All media, production photographs, and associated material on this project remain the property of Les Enfants Terribles, photographers and content creators. Photography by Rah Petherbridge. Everythinglessness' concept by Laura Nicholson. The House With Chicken Legs' original illustrations by Melissa Castrillón and Elisa Paganelli.

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