Visual identity and poster design for Månteatern, an independent theatre group based in Lund, Sweden, that produces performing arts with the ambition to engage children and young audiences and address meaningful issues for the society.

The goal was to create a bold and honest identity as well as representative of the group's vision and mission, with the flexibility to grow together with Månteatern and convey its wide variety of theatre experiences.

This project was developed during my studies in dramaturgy and theatre studies at Lund University, Sweden.

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The typeface chosen for text composition was Montserrat, designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and Sol Matas in 2010, which achieves high readability even at small sizes. This typeface enables both theatre posters and other communication materials to flexibly consist of a graphic composition based on typography, photography or illustration. 

In the new poster layout, the logo was strategically placed in the upper left corner of the composition to give the brand a clear hierarchy and contribute to identification and recognition.

The colour palette adds energy and boldness to the identity and also evokes the rich diversity of theatrical experiences that Månteatern offers.

About one in 20 people are colour blind in some way, which means that one or more types of the eye's cone cells for detecting colour do not work normally. By mathematically replicating the phenomenon of colour blindness, I worked with a palette that provides good contrasts even for those who are colour blind or with other visual impairments. This resulted in several pairs of tones that maintain the contrast.

With this in mind, the goal was to create an accessible and inclusive design that works for a wide audience, with sufficient contrast between text and background colours to ensure legibility of the text. 

The new visual identity applied to printed and digital communication

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